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Foto Circle Society organizes photo exhibition on World Photography Day

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To celebrate World Photography Day today, the Thane’s Foto Circle Society organised a two-day photo exhibition at Viviana Mall. At the exhibition, which started on Tuesday, over 120 pictures clicked across the country by 20 city photographers is on display.

Sanjay Naik, founding member and president of Foto Circle Society, said, “Work of students, professionals and novice photographers is on display. The photographs include landscapes, architect, nature as well as wildlife and so far, the visitors have given an overwhelming response to the exhibition.”

This is a calendar event which is held on World Photography Day and at this event both, professional as well as budding photographers get a platform to showcase their work.

Like every year, this year too, veteran photographer and former founder president of the society Sirish Sane was felicitated, who also shared his journey as a photographer.

Mamata Desai, an advertising professional and a passionate photographer whose wildlife pictures are on display, said, “Wildlife photography taught me patience and it was a big lesson for an impatient person like me. I enjoy travelling and I also wait for days to get that one perfect shot.”

Nandini Borkar, another photographer whose work is on display, said, “I love traveling and till now, I have travelled around 13 countries to capture the landscape through my lenses.”

The architect student said every year, her family chooses one city for vacation and this year, they visited Paris. “Being an architect student, I clicked many beautiful places in Rome, South Africa and other places,” Borkar said.

The festival of Maharashtra, Wari Yatra, and other miscellaneous shots of nature, which has been covered by passionate photographers, is also on display. With these photos the photographers Thanekars to know the rich culture of the country as well as the state.

On Tuesday, the visitors were seen asking questions and children were seen enquiring about wildlife photographs. More than 120 exclusive pictures clicked by city’s passionate photographers is a visual treat for the visitors, said Naik. “This kind of exhibition inspires many others to take to photography and see the world through the lens, as it is an altogether a different experience,” Naik added.

Race to Find Owners of Photos

In a grocery store in Oregon, the race is on to find the owners of some somewhat mysterious photos that were misplaced outside of the store. The pictures were found in one of the shopping carts that belong to the Fred Meyer grocery store. The employees waited for the photos’ owner to return, but so far they have not.

According to one of the store employees, it appears as though the pictures were taken in the 1970s era. They picture two young boys, who are perhaps brothers, playing on a swing set. There are many other photos that capture other priceless moments in the six boxes of decades-old photo slides that were found in front of the grocery store.

The grocery store and its employees are appealing to the community for help in finding the owners of these precious pictures from years gone by. The store’s policies allow it to keep the slides for only a month. In order for the slides to be reunited with their owner, the store is hoping that the community will be able to help them identify the pictured people in order to save these precious memories from being dumped in a landfill. The owners need to be found by August 31.

Mother of Miscarried Twins Sends Encouraging Message that Goes Viral

After a long awaited pregnancy, heather Ellis held her twin boys bon at 22 weeks gestation in her arms as they died. If they had been born two weeks later, they may have been saved. Ellis posted pictures of the deceased twins along with amessage saying she hope anyone thinking about abortion will see this and reconsider. Much to her surprise, the message got shared 90,000 times even by celebrities like Bristol Palin.

One poster was a father who experienced several miscarriages praised the couple for their bravery in sharing the photos. While she got some negative responses, most messages were positive from women across the globe thanking her. Ellis claims she never judges any woman who had an abortion. The message is to hopefully make people see a another choice like adoption. Ellis, who struggled to conceive, sees abortion as taking a life, and she wants others to put a face on their unborn child.

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