In a grocery store in Oregon, the race is on to find the owners of some somewhat mysterious photos that were misplaced outside of the store. The pictures were found in one of the shopping carts that belong to the Fred Meyer grocery store. The employees waited for the photos’ owner to return, but so far they have not.

According to one of the store employees, it appears as though the pictures were taken in the 1970s era. They picture two young boys, who are perhaps brothers, playing on a swing set. There are many other photos that capture other priceless moments in the six boxes of decades-old photo slides that were found in front of the grocery store.

The grocery store and its employees are appealing to the community for help in finding the owners of these precious pictures from years gone by. The store’s policies allow it to keep the slides for only a month. In order for the slides to be reunited with their owner, the store is hoping that the community will be able to help them identify the pictured people in order to save these precious memories from being dumped in a landfill. The owners need to be found by August 31.